Welcome to the SCYC website

Boating is one of the many activities that brings us together here  in San Carlos.  No matter whether you are a boating enthusiast, or just love to have fun and share time with one another, we extend a warm welcome to our SCYC family.  

It is our hope that this web site reflects the focus of our club in the many activities we all work together to create. 

The Club is a special place where you can be as involved as you want to be.

We have so many  wonderful members who participate in organizing and decorating for Friday evening dinners, Sunday brunches, Wednesday night movies , Tuesday  cultural nights, as well as a host of fund raising activities to help benefit the community in which we live.   

We hope as we go forward this coming year, that you will enjoy all the many activities that we have available and the camaraderie we share with each other and with our beautiful San Carlos community.

We hope you will find useful information here and if you have questions please email us for answers.  email


SCYC ( Upstairs )

52 622 226-0163 ( When open )

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