A Social Circus - Food Bank Support Evening

“A Social Circus”    

 A support evening for the Guaymas Food Bank

The night of the January 14th 2012 saw one of the finest evenings of entertainment ever, a sell out crowd of one hundred and twenty paid guests enjoyed a unique experience.

This was a spectacular fund raiser for the Food Bank of Guaymas and was arranged and orchestrated by Earl Harris (SCYC) and a cadre of volunteers from Guaymas.

Conceived over a conversation between Earl and his friend and handyman Gerardo Ruis Garcia a few weeks before , arranging and coordinating the various aspects of the show ordinarily would have required many rehearsals , it was produced without one !

The food bank is organized by Banco de Alimentos de Guaymas A.C.  The group was founded by Pbro. Jorge Figueroa Valenzuela.  (He played the guitar for the poet at the end of the show)  The president of the organization is Lic. Lina Bueno Lopez who is a journalist in Guaymas. 

The mariachi group was Mar de Cortes.  Dancers were from the University of Sonora and teenagers from a local church , Bruno Pablos, the poet, author and story teller happened to be in town that weekend and stopped by to lend support.   All members of the Food Bank of Guaymas are volunteers. There are no paid employees. 


Here is how they describe their organization.  “We are a civil association who has, as its fundamental task, the collection and distribution of basic food supplies, with the program focused on older adults that do not have any possibility of employment, and who lack a pension to subsist, as well as older people in a situation of abandonment.”  


“As a Food Bank we also support the public dining room with the name LITTLE HOUSE OF THE MOTHER, in the Sanctuary of Guadalupe in the colony called Villages of Guaymas, where we serve hot food daily to indigent people and families with scare resources.  We do not supply assistance to, nor support of, governmental programs.  We promote advancement of civic charity, free of most commerce, and undertake the tasks of a civil organization in our community.”


The plan was to carry out a CULTURAL FESTIVAL of Mexican art.  To give authentic Mexican entertainment and to give the community the enjoyment of authentic, rich Mexican foods like that served in the homes of the Mexican people in Guaymas.

Ecstatically enjoyed by all there.

See the pictures :  A Social Circus !

Thanks to all who assisted including Jim Garwood ( poster assistance ) , Elba Santiago ( phone and information and Mariachi singer) Gerardo Ruis Garcia for the initial idea and continuing help , and all the many un-named volunteers in Guaymas and San Carlos who gave so generously of their time , food and treasure .

If you did not have a chance to donate and wish to support this cause donations may be left at Evie’s and Barracuda Bob’s and food donations may be left outside the Yacht Club on Fridays 3-5.45 pm.

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